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Sunfish clone (Scorpion) - Cheap

Noel Dawes

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I'm trying to sell (cheaply) my complete but old Sunfish clone including its trailer.

I’ve really enjoyed the boat for several seasons but I’m no longer agile enough to sail it. My sailing buddy moved home a couple of years ago (I prefer to sail in company for safety reasons).

The boat needs some TLC (mainly a good clean; maybe renewing of the internal ballast). The boat doesn’t have an inspection port. The rudder is repaired and needs refitting to its bracket. The aluminium mast is fine and I believe fits a standard Sunfish. The daggerboard is good. The sail is very usable although old.

I’m looking for a home for the boat including trailer/dolly so it can either be renovated or used for parts. I don't want to trash the boat as it still has life in it, given some TLC. I’m looking for about $200 obo for both.

I live a one hour drive north of Albany, NY and usually sail on the large and beautiful Great Sacandaga Lake.

Initial contact if you are interested is either reply to this email or text me on (757) 580-7408.