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Look at the main Sunfish page. There's a link to purchase the book from the class association which now holds the publishing rights.
This also talks to your first post. Can't tell you about any clubs or organizations in Fla. You may want to read the post "How much wind should a beginner sail in?". There you will find some help in learning about winds, practice getting wet (capsizing) and where to sail (protected area as opposed to open ocean, etc.). Read the SF Bible, even though it is geared more towards racing. You can get the SF Bible through the class page for about $30. Corpus Christy Sailing Center has a discount on the SF Bible if you pay $X in parts (
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Thanks for the responses!

Yes, I read the "safe" wind speed posts for beginners, lol. Of course that was AFTER I had already made the discovery! Just got back from a run out around Tarpon Springs. Nice little bay.....tropical storm on itsa way in, now what did that book say about how to turn this thing arouind? hmmm..... : )

Actually had a blast, these things are a lot of fun!
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mike4947 said:
Look at the main Sunfish page. There's a link to purchase the book from the class association which now holds the publishing rights.
Um...wheres the main sunfish page? do you have an address?
Go to the 1st page of the forum, look under Links and click on National Sunfish Class. You will find a link on getting the SF Bible there (right column, second item "The Sunfish Bible"). In there (the SF Bible) you will find out how to set you gooseneck on the boom for different winds.
I may be the only naysayer but I wouldn't buy the "bible" unless you're interested in racing. It's got little value for beginers or otherwise.
I'll sell you mine (that I got 1 month ago) for 3/4 of what anyone else will sell it for....
The "Sunfish Bible" includes Derek Fries' book: "Successful Sunfish Racing" first published in 1984. I'm not sure it is available elsewhere unless you can find it used on ebay. Will White's book: "The Sunfish Book" is also included. It is the revised 1996 version that includes interviews not included in the first edition with Don and Jean Bergman, Eduardo Cordero, Jeff Linton, Donnie Martinborough and Malcolm Smith (all of whom were at the recent NA's). From my reading, I would say that at least 2/3 of the book is pertinent to sailing and racing Sunfish today. The other 1/3 provides a nice historical perspective of the Sunfish. I recommend it.
Good call on Dr. Derrick Fries book being included in the SF Bible. I looked up books by Derrick Fries on Amazon and "Sail It Flat" was there by itself for about $10 more than the SF Bible. Towards the back, starting around page 316 are tips, workshop hints and other stuff including a picture on page 352 on setting up a cunningham and outhall. Being a reprint, some might not be quite as clear as other, but mine is visable. Some of the item disscussed may have been superceeded with newer rules (rope traveler line) and better methods. but does give todays sailor a perspective on how things are/were done.
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I purchased the Sunfish Bible from Yankee Boating Center $29.95 plus $5.00 to ship it. I got it in two days! I'm in the process of reading thru it...laughing as I read about the common mistakes that I've already accomplished to make. It's like they were watching me as they wrote it!

There are three books in the Bible it seems...along with many articles included in the back. The pictures are a bit on the hazy side but they do the job. I suppose this is becuase it is a reprint.

All in all I'm very happy with the book. I do find however that I'm having to look up some of the common phrases used to describe things. But that, I'm sure is due to my current "clue-less" status in regards to sailing in general.

I do however want to say that I am now completly addicted to this endeavour. I'm driving my entire family nuts with my single minded focus....can you say addicitve personality? : )

Thansk for the feedback and the suggestions.....and be prepared for the slew of stupid questions that, no doubt will be forthcoming!