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Sunfish and water retention

Chris B.

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My 1980 SF takes on water and I cannot figure how. There are no cracks in the hull. I have a port which I need to drain water after every sail. How is the water getting in?
There are several good You Tube video's on how to run a leak test on Sunfish. Be careful about using too much air pressure while running your test.


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The soapy air bubbles will show quite clearly where the leaks are happening. In my case, I found a leak where the deck is attached to the hull and another where the splash guard is bolted to the deck.


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Tape over both sides of the daggerboard trunk, see if you can draw a soap bubble over a hole you've poked in the tape.

While you're looking for an air source, top up the mast step with water, check for a loss; however, your air source could be right at hand--and free!


signal charlie

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Usual culprits are the daggerboard trunk, bailer hole seam, gudgeon or a popped hull/deck seam. Check the chine carefully as well, sometimes there are crush spots there, the gelcoat looks okay but there can be microcracks in the fiberglass underneath.

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