Sunfish (1981) or Hull and parts

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I have a sunfish hull, with mast, 2 spars, beat up Sunfish Sail. 2 rudder/tillers 2 dagger boards.
In need of TLC.

Serial Number AMF xxxxxm81k
has Amf Alcort Division Stickers on both sides.
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lower spar is straight, but forward pulley has come loose. Cunninghams have been eaten by mice.
upper spar is bent
the only part holding on the Sunfish sail is the Sunfish.
Gooseneck is still good.
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Free to a good home, Sunfish hull, with mast, dagger board, rudder tiller, mast, upper spar is bent, lower spar pulley has come loose, no sail.
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The sunfish hull, mast spars, rudder and tiller still here looking for a good home.
Townsville NC area, must be picked up, All is free of charge. Need TLC.
They at free, please email if serious interest. No mailing or shipping Pick up only.
jp - I sent you an email. What is the status of your Sunfish? I am looking for one so I can teach my kids to sail, but I haven't had much luck so far.
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