Sunbrella boat cover for sale

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Hello all,

I just bought this Capri 14.2 off Ebay (you may recognize it from the attached photos if I can figure out how to do that after finishing this post...OK, I was unsuccessful. It never lets me post attachements...says failed, why? I know all the guidelines...I am using manage attachments for a 67Kb .jpg file, what's wrong, won't upload?)

I am loving my boat so far, but I do not have a need for the sunbrella boat cover that came with it, and so I am selling it. I need to raise supplemental funds for buying a motor.

I will listen to any fair offer made from any of you first before I post it to Ebay later this week; do we have a private Ebay group?...if not, we should consider this as a means of secure trading/selling equipment with a means of by a buy-now principle of letting members getting a first crack at buying items that otherwise will sell at a fair market price. But I digress.

Anyhow I see another member is selling one for $40. Mine is in excellent condition however (and so is the boat I might add which should attest to the boat covers effectiveness), and I would like $250 for it. If I hear nothing from anyone here, I will probably post it on Ebay with an opening bid at $150 and a buy-now at $300. With the buyer having responsibility of paying USPS shipping charges.

This is the perfect boat cover for someone who is keeping their boat at dock - it has a hole forthe stepped and rigged mast. One snap is a little week, and the bungee cords are a little stretched, but work fine while the boat is at dock and anything short of hundred mile and hour winds (remember, one should never drive down the road with the boat cover on). The boat cover seems to be missing two poles that the previous owner and I surmised would pitch up the cover like a tent so no water would pool on the cover...this could be remedied by using some plastic garden stakes cut down to proper height.

Any and all comments welcome.


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Too expensive or no interest.

I see 20 views, but not a single reply/comment. Am I expecting too much in my price, or is there absolutley no interest.

Also, andone have any idea how to post pictures? I've posed this question severla times, but have gotten no response.
Picture uploads don't seem to work right now. If you're in a rush to sell, just post it on eBay. It can take a while around here or maybe you're asking too much?
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I am no longer selling this boat cover

Hey, just thought I'd check back in to say that I am no longer interested in selling this boat cover. I would remove the post if I copuld figure out how.