Suggestion: National Threads on TLF

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OK, I know that North American citizens dominate this board (as they do the internet) but how about a section here for Laser Sailors from other countries?

It would allow people to feel confident to post local reggatta info, ask questions about part availabiltiy, make easier hook ups with other sailors when they go to reggattas, post fan threads for their favourite sailors etc. A "Sticky" could give people all the main links to reelvant Class Associations and local dealers - all contributed by sailors from that country.

I think one of the great things about sailing is that it is a true international sport. With the global nature of the internet, TLF could really help support this. I know we have regular posts from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, Spain and many more.


I understand your hunger for ease of information, Rock Steady, but--

1. How would you moderate something like that?

2. Don't other country's already have their own Laser Forum's? At least LooserLu says there's one in Germany.

3. This is the place to come together. Do you do that only to part ways? You'd lose the spice that makes the threads interesting.

4. There are at least a hundred countries with Lasers. Are you proposing separate stuff for each of them? How do you moderate all of that?

5. How strong is the need for what you have proposed? How to demonstrate it without a lot of work for Bradley (and me :eek: )?

5. You already could post a thread about parts, regattas, and getting together for your region. Just label it clearly, FOR AUSTRALIA, or what have you. If some newbie wanders in all bewildered and posts about some events in Uganda, you just politely remind them you'd like to talk about Australian events and suggest they start the FOR UGANDA thread. This exists in a fashion already when people say what country they are from in the post, and it's self-moderating and demonstrates and fulfills its own need. :D

6. If you come here and are intimidated, how do you ever get up to the starting line? OK, maybe you don't race.

7. I haven't noticed that there's been a lot of regattas from other countries posted. Does this happen because the members feel it's an appropriate place to post, or because they feel they have other better places to post? This to me is the most interesting of the questions.

8. How in the world would you moderate all that?
Is Canada an "other Country"? Or are we part of "them" (north america as it would be)

I feel that this forum is international there is just not as much being contributed by other countries because there are as you pointed out more Laserites here than in other countries. I believe the same stuff is available to all. Please corrct me if I am wrong.


Laser76489 said:
Is Canada an "other Country"? Or are we part of "them" (north america as it would be)
Canada is not an "other country" because the US and Canada are in one region officially called North America. There is no American region or Canadian region. Our district numbering is tied together and we have the same president, Tracy Usher, same secretary, same Laser Sailor, etc. Guess the War of 1812 was a tie! ;)
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Hi Merrily, it is obviously something that would require the support of forum users. ie: a user from each country would have to nominate a desire for a specific thread to their country, and then be willing to moderate it.

I agree about the coming together aspect, and all "Laser Sailing" questions would be still be directed in the same place.

If you and Bradley think the task is too large or complex, then perhaps a scaled down "Event by Region" section could work?
here in Europe most districts have an own forum. In my opinion there is really no need, to seperate other forums for districts here. There is also a "laserfleet"-forum at the Internet, where Laser-fleets can have their own areas for online-talking etc. Also, the ILCA-Homepage already offers regional areas for all regions, wher the newest informations about official-big-events are to bee seen.


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Just a general comment:

As a US sailor, I highly value the contributions from other countries. Often they provide a different perspective on the sport and/or boat we all love.

Keep them coming!