Stuck Drainplug

I've heard rumor the threading is different between the original and the current replacement. Did your new plug fit OK?
The replacement metal drain plug w/chain (part #65015) fit my 1980 Sunfish just fine.

You can also get the complete metal drain plug kit that also includes the housing and two new metal pins
I've got a '73 with same problem but I'm looking at the various replacement part options. I'd like to put in the black one (# 79457that 's sort of shaped like an oval and has a screw on both sides but the parts site say that it's for 1995s or later. Has anyone used this part on a pre '95 boat and does it fit the 73 hole? It seem to be the easier replacement option. Or also, does the White 79458 twist and lock plug work on a pre 95? THanks:)
Id have to check the part number, but I got my black ones from APS (they were the ones they recommended) for my two SF, a '73 & a '74. A half -round file did the work of widening the hole to make it fit, and that took all of 4 minutes. Some sealant and two pan head 1/2" SS screws finished the job.