straps or cleats?

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I've read some posts about having cleats for fenders and docking, but I'm wondering about the advisability of an alternative idea: creating short strap loops instead of cleats.

I'm imagining drilling two holes about six inches apart out where you would put a cleat, and then, like the traveler, put a short piece of line through the holes with stopper knots so the loop sticks up through the top of the deck. I'm thinking about a pair on either side of the bow, a pair just forward of the beam and a pair just forward of the transmo.

Why? A couple of reasons: softer on my behind when I sit on it. Easy for the kids to grab a hold when then fall over. Simple to tie a lifting bridle, or fenders to it.

Any reasons why this is not a good idea? Anyone done anything like this?
I like this idea. I have not installed cleats for the same reasons you mention.

Currently I keep a line tied to the eye in the front, and a line tied around each shroud. It seems to work OK for me, but I worry about the lines around the shrouds.
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I've tried the same thing, but it doesn't really put the fenders in the right place, nor does it serve any of the other ideas.