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Straightening a spar

Fun Fish

Hello Sunfish people,

Wind and waves got the better of me this weekend, drove my mast and upper boom into Mississippi mud, and after a friendly rescue, my lovely little fish has a bent upper boom. Please send your best tips for straightening a bent spar....or point me to the correct resource if this is already up (didn't see it at first go). Thanks! Fun Fish

beldar boathead

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How bent is it? If there is any sign of a kink it is best to get a new spar. It will be very weak at the kink, leading to an easy reb ending or possible failure. If there is a Kink and you can get it straight you should flip it end for end. You will just need to seapthe end caps. A power drill and the right bits are all that is needed. About a 30 minute task. BB

Kevin Mc

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I hope you can straighten it. There seems to be a shortage on spars currently. About 2 months ago my upper boom snapped off 4' from the top end. It was already bent when I got it a few years ago and the boat (a Seahorse - Sunfish clone) is 35 years old. Sailing in a 20, gusting to 30 mph wind was probably a bad idea, but boy that sucker was flying! The bend was so severe the boom couldn't be repaired so I ordered a new one - it took over 4 weeks to arrive, and the dealer only got two of the 20 booms they'd ordered, so I was lucky t get one that soon. During the down period I bought a Sunfish hull (only 6 years old) and sold the Seahorse hull. I'd owned a Sunfish nearly 30 years ago and preferred the design of the real thing.