Straightening a spar

Fun Fish

Hello Sunfish people,

Wind and waves got the better of me this weekend, drove my mast and upper boom into Mississippi mud, and after a friendly rescue, my lovely little fish has a bent upper boom. Please send your best tips for straightening a bent spar....or point me to the correct resource if this is already up (didn't see it at first go). Thanks! Fun Fish
How bent is it? If there is any sign of a kink it is best to get a new spar. It will be very weak at the kink, leading to an easy reb ending or possible failure. If there is a Kink and you can get it straight you should flip it end for end. You will just need to seapthe end caps. A power drill and the right bits are all that is needed. About a 30 minute task. BB
I hope you can straighten it. There seems to be a shortage on spars currently. About 2 months ago my upper boom snapped off 4' from the top end. It was already bent when I got it a few years ago and the boat (a Seahorse - Sunfish clone) is 35 years old. Sailing in a 20, gusting to 30 mph wind was probably a bad idea, but boy that sucker was flying! The bend was so severe the boom couldn't be repaired so I ordered a new one - it took over 4 weeks to arrive, and the dealer only got two of the 20 booms they'd ordered, so I was lucky t get one that soon. During the down period I bought a Sunfish hull (only 6 years old) and sold the Seahorse hull. I'd owned a Sunfish nearly 30 years ago and preferred the design of the real thing.