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storing daggerboards and rudders in my trailer


this morning I scrounged for some scrap materials and threw together this storage solution for two sets of daggerboards and rudders/tillers. I previously built the “box” bed and A-frame to carry two boats. this setup will now keep the daggerboards and rudder/tillers from sliding and bouncing around in the trailer bed.

I used 1” dowels, some scraps of boat bunk carpet, and I was going to go buy some 1” pipe insulation - but instead I cut up an old pool noddle and used it on each dowel. the fit is very tight - they won’t move around at all now.C6275937-E9BF-4BE3-9A01-C2519394CCCA.jpeg14C9F784-FF60-4871-A8B3-F6D521440502.jpegF638D87E-73F7-4882-8A28-0ABF47496C3C.jpeg

Alan S. Glos

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That is one slick rig, an once again, the pool noodle shows it's value to small boat sailors. The pool noodle ranks right up there with Gorilla Tape and thickened epoxy resin.

I am headed to Glen Lake, Michigan in a few weeks for a family reunion and trailing my 1985 Sunfish beach banger. Not going to win any beauty contests but with an ageing race sail and a "Tag rig" ratchet block and mainsheet cleat, she gets the job done. You are lucky to live so close to some of the best small boat sailing venues in the US.

Alan Glos
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