Storing a bunch of Lasers?


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The yacht club of which I am a member wants to create an outdoor storage system for approximately eight to ten Laser hulls. In other words, a rack. We considered storing the boats individually on dollies but that takes up too big a footprint on our pier. Of course we want to store them in a way which doesn't damage the hulls. At the same time we want them to be easy to remove from the rack in order to be placed on dollies for launching. We don't have a question about rig storage, only about hull storage.

We considered a two-wide, four high rack built from timber with carpeted bunks but that seems like it would eventually damage the hulls if the boats were stored right side up. We considered a similar rack but with the hulls upside down, but that makes it harder to remove the Lasers from the racks and place them on the dollies, without dropping them on concrete.

Anyone with ideas, diagrams, photos, experience, and /or thoughtful input -- we would appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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store them upside down on a scaffolding rack with carpit tied around the poles where the deck and gunwhales toutch and or catch


the best bet is upside down rack if you can't keep them on the dollies, another option if there is any open area is to pave a small dry sail area and keep the boats on the dollies.


Suggest you look into storing either on the side rail or the stern rail. Both are common methods, if you carpet the deck where you pull the boat out from, it can be a one person operation to get the boat in or out of the rack and onto the dolly.

You can see both methods in Tillman's "Complete Book of Laser Sailing" You use the Google Book viewer to see the side rack online - it's page 107 - This linky may work Academy Laser storage&f=false


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Expand your program....

You could go to 24 hour usage and the problem would be moot.