Storage "Sawhorses"


I know that a heated garage would be the best place but I don't have access to anything but my back yard for storing over the winter....I was thinking that I could build some sawhorse contraptions that I could put my boat on upside down - does anyone here have an idea of the scale and/or perhaps a sketch of such a contraption?
How about an alternate idea or two?

Thanks for your help.

You're making your life more difficult than it needsto be. Why not put it across some 4x4s on the ground? you might want to cover it with a tarp, hold at edges with snap type clothes pins.
Al is correct, keep it low and tarped. Saw horses can be blown over (not good). Or if you have a trailer, store it upside down (tarped) on the trailer. An alternate idea (if possible) is to store it just below the ceiling in the garage, using a pully set up. I store my SF (deck down) over my truck in the carport (makes it easy to car top). Raise it up with pullies and then for extra security, I add 2 ratchet straps (one near the mast hole and 1 just aft of the cockpit). The pullies and eye bolts for the straps are anchored into the ceiling joists about 2" up from the bottom of the joist. If you must store it deck up outside, Tarp it with a 2 x 2 x 14 lengthwise under the tarp to keep puddles from forming and keep the drain plug open while stored. Store the mast, booms w/sails, rudder and daggerboard inside (garage or basement). At least the sail and wood parts should be inside. Good Luck.
OK, that leaves you with outside storage, was not sure about a garage. Tarp your SF well. The cheap Blue tarps usually only last a season. Deck down is best. You can use your booms and mast instead of the 2 x 2 if stored deck up (drain open). Remove your sail (a pillow case works as a sail case) rudder and daggerboard and lines, store those items inside (closet, under the bed or couch, behind the TV or couch) or some other dry place. A cheap ($20) 2 gun rifle case (DoskoSport is one) is a good way to store the lines, rudder and daggerboard (you do have to remove the tiller) and keeps everything together and safe. Place a towel between the rudder and daggerboard for padding. Hope this helps.