stocking dealer?

Gary: local Sunfish dealer in this part of eastern NC is Paul Welles at Triton Marine, Oriental, NC (252) 249-2210. They may have either new or used. The best shot for a used spar in this area is from one of the camps like Seafarer. Try Mike Craig at Seafarer: (252) 249-0116 or 249-1212.

Are you on the racing scene and if so, where are you in NC?

Rob Eberle
My thanks, I'll try both. Nothing to repair, this boat was purchased 10 hours prior to hurricane and the guy was moving out of a beach house that was rented, something of a "fire sale". The only thing missing was the upper boom, hull was perfect, dry and light and only a few fittings missing. My son wants something faster then his Opti so we'll see if he can keep this flat!
Gary, along with the spar and missing pieces might I suggest you get him a copy of "the Sunfish Bible". It's really a necessity for any new fish sailer that planes on racing and doesn't want to watch a lot of sterns. It's available from the Sunfish class home page.