StFYC THursday Night Races begin THIS week (April 24)

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The St Francis Yacht Club's Thursday Night Laser Racing series begins THIS Thursday, April 24! As with last year, we'll be tag-teaming Thursday nights with the kite sailors, they race the "ebb tide nights", we get the "flood tide nights" (though its rarely as simple as that!). Our racing dates for the season will be: April 24, May 8 & 22, June 12 & 26, July 10 & 17, August 21 and September 25. In addition to single night scores, this year there will also be a season series with a Thursday Night racing king crowned at the end of the summer (and Walt, we're gunning for you already, Radial or not!).

A new feature this year will be the presence of Mike Kalin, Director of the Junior Program at St Francis and world ranked Laser sailor. He'll be doing a combination of racing with us and some on the water coaching. And, after each night's racing, he has also offered to do post race debriefs to help us all better understand how to go faster. If you want to improve your Laser skills in breeze and waves/chop and with some feedback from not only a great racing sailor but also a top coach, then this is the series to be in.

If that isn't enough to get you psyched, then remember that this year's series has the additional advantage of getting in some practice time before the Laser/Radial North Americans and Laser Slalom on the City Front. Get tuned in early to the vagaries of the wind and tide in front of the yacht club!

You can elect to sail the entire season though you must register for the season BY May 22. Or you can elect to sail on a "drop in" basis. The entry fee for the season (9 nights of racing) is $120 (less than $14/night) and the entry fee for drop in is $20/night.

There will be a skipper's meeting before each evening of racing at 5:00 pm SHARP, the first race will start at 6:00 pm SHARP. We will race until no later than 7:30 so that we have time to get back in, put boats away, do the debrief and still make the Grill Room for some food. Racing will be in front of the St Francis, mostly one and two lap windward-leeward courses with starts at the "A" buoy, windward mark in the vicinity of Anita Rock and leeward mark in the vicinity of "X".

There will be limited storage possible for boats that are actively participating in the series. The club charges $40 per month and you must pay in advance at the Race Office. Boats that have not paid and/or are not being sailed will be removed from the storage area. We have limited space and want to keep it free for those that are going to use their boats!

You can sign up now by going to the St Francis website and following the "On The Water"/Racing tab to find the link to the Thursday Night Races, or go direct to the registration page.

See you on the water this week!
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First night of racing was sunny but a bit cool, even by SF standards. We had good breeze which you can see from the attached iWindSurf graph where the anemometer is located on the Anita Rock Pillar, our weather mark. Tide was transitioning to a light ebb so was barely noticeable during the racing.

In the end we had five races with the sailors definitely starting to droop by the end of the last one. I guess the old adage that "there is nothing like Laser sailing to get you in shape for Laser sailing" is really true. Races were short enough to keep the fleet close, but long enough that you needed all your Laser skills (speed in waves, boat handling, etc.). Some good battles between the leaders, especially on the runs. Last race must have been great viewing from the YC bar with the entire fleet having to tack right off the rocks right in from of the club.

Mike Kalin elected to go on RC/coach boat where he got some good video of the racing and from where he was able to give a few pointers.

One of the competitors gave the prototype sail a trial run and, at the end, seemed quite happy with it. The current plan has this sail hanging around the West Coast for a bit longer and it is available for people to give it a test sail during this series (as well as in other local events).

Afterwards almost all the competitors met in the club to eat and regale everyone else with stories grandiose stories of various feats of skill during the racing. Or something.

Was sure a good time, definitely looking forward to the next one!