Stern Mast Crutch

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Last weekend I bought a used Cataline 14.2. The trailer is a Trailrite and has a forward mast crutch. One end of the mast was tied to the bow end of the trailer on the mast crutch, but the other end was tied directly to the stern of the sailboat.

Is there a mast crutch I can purchase that would fit into the rudder gudgeons to hold the other part of the mast off the boat while I trailer it?
If you come up with one, let me know.. I just hacked up a 2x6, with slots for the gudgeons, then run a bungee round the mast, and clip it to the gudgeons.

It is crude, but works... I'd much rather something, prettier, and more industry approved.
I used a large piece of styrofoam from a computer packing box. I carved the bottom to fit snug around the transom, then lay the mast across the styrofoam and tie to rudder mount with bungee cord. Works good.
here is what my boat hadn (see picture):
A "Y" shaped metal crutch which fits into the rudder mount of the boat.
The two nuts at the top end (just under the "y" serve to stop the crutch as you put it through the mount holes. Works like a charm. I dont have a picture of it mounted, if I remember I'll take one.

You need to cusion it with foam, or simply use an old rig line.



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My Capri also came with no aft support for the mast while trailering. I built a serviceable mast crutch out of 2X4 and 1X4 that mounts on the rudder gudgeons. It's a little like a wooden version of the metal crutch posted by jdtaillant.

A bungee around the mast and through the drain holes keeps everything in place.

I eyeballed the measurements and it turned out OK. I can post some measurements/rudimentary plans if anyone would like.
Mast Supports for Trailering

If you must have the ultimate mast supports (both rear and front (for those like me who do not have a mast support on the trailer/extended winch post)) check out Under that website, go to trailers/dollies and look for both an aft mast stand (starting at $54.95) and a deck mount mast,trailer ($43.95). Not the cheapest alternative like foam blocks, wood, or PVC (I guess pipe insulation over the transom would protect it as well and bungee mast down), but I do have the aft mast stand (can't remember if I got the 10" or 16" (you'll have to measure distance from pintle posts)) and it looks and works great (i.e. worth the money). Now if I could jyst put a crowbar in my wallet and buy the deck mount mast,trailer and get rid of the throwing cushin supporting the front of my mast, I'd be in great shape! :) My ultimate goal is to replace the winch post with a longer one with a mast support though. Have a great day everyone!!