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Steel reinforcement daggerboard


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Hi all,

does anybody know what the steel reinforcement in a laser daggerboard looks like?

the background is this: I’building a foil for my laser as a DIY project. Since I believe the chance of success is limited I’m trying to keep the budget low (its all about having a bit of fun during this pandemic). So i got me an old daggerboard which had some rusty lines along the sides (longitudinal to the dagger board), to support the foil. When i cut off a bit of the bottom of the board to better match my foil, i came across what looks like a threaded bar that is also in longitudinal direction, approx where the board is at it’s thickest. I now would like to know how the construction of all that steel is so I can work out whether it would be smart to connect my foil to is structurally.

many thanks!


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Take a magnet and a pencil. Mark the edges of the area where the magnet "sticks" and you get a complete 1:1 map of the grid. At the thickest part of the board the rods are in two layers, and pretty close to one another fore and aft as well.