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hey guys. how many times have you run out of the house in the morning heading for a reggata and forget your watch? i do it all the time. i noticed some guys have a large circular (yellow) timer that is screwed through the splash gaurd. this thing looks great because of big display and great countdown. does any one know where i can get one of these things? i checked around but didnt see it.
thanks allot in advanced
The yellow watch is the "Ultimate Sailing Watch" made my Optimum out of the UK. Ronstan also rebrands the watch under their name. I believe the watch was recently redesigned. Ronstan's new design is blue and called the "Clear Start". I know Layline and APS carry it.

One word of caution, the old design had problems with the water proofing which caused the display to fog up. I have no idea if this has been improved with the new design.


thanks allot derek. i just ordered one off of aps. hopefully it will be here for this weekends regional at spruce run.


I would go with the Musto watch instead which is what i have now. The ronstan crapped out at 03 worlds and 04 worlds on me when it got wet. hopefully they re-designed it and made the ultimate sailing watch waterproof