Standing Rigging

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Ahoy ,

As I ready the little 14 .2 for sailing , I noticed my shrouds are showing signs that I should replace them. Being a Do It Yourself kind of guy - i.e . budget conscious - I am thinking I can do this .

I found online the 3/32 stainless 1X19 wire Catalina calls for at varying prices , ranging from 42 cents a foot to almost a dollar more at $1.39 / ft .
Catalina now wants almost 90 bucks for the pair of shrouds and another fifty for the Jibstay . My calculations say I can make my own for a fraction of the cost .

I may need to invest in a swaging tool for the Nicopress fittings -

The adventure begins .

Good sailing!
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Thank you for the links and suggestions Rob and Jeff .

The best price I found , from a marine oriented supplier , was Rigging Only -

Sailrite has a similar price for the swaging tool -

I was talking last night with a friend who was the Hunter dealer for central California . He has the tools I will need and probably the fittings and wire , he just needs to look through his shop. Good to have friends !

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Other than the mast coming down unintendedly, how best to judge the health of the shrouds? Thanks
Mine shows a couple of signs . They are the original coated shrouds, circa 1986 . The coating is cracked and I see rust stains in those cracks . Also the nicopress fittings are turning green .