Standing Rigging Installation

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Got my brand spankin' new standing rigging from Catalina the other day...hoping to get it installed this week some evening.

Anyone have any suggestions, tips, warnings, etc.? For example, what kind of tape do you recommend at the spreaders? I'm pretty sure the duct tape on there now is not the best solution.

Otherwise, I'm just going to take off the old, and bolt on the new.

I am no expert, but I used wide inch and a quarter electrical tape. This is the tape they use to wrap the connections of the lines that are outside of your house that feed the meter from the pole. Not real pretty, but it seems to do the job. The width is nice and it is pretty flexible.

I also, remember something about filing out the hole of the spreader to fit the shrouds. Did not sound like a good idea to me. Maybe someone else can comment.
Dave: After you wire on the shrouds to the spreaders, cover them with "Self Bonding Rigging Tape". West Marine sells it, it is white and kind of rubbery. You can use this tape also on other places with sharp points that might injure your sails. Dick