Stanchion Height

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How do I find out what the minimum stanchion height is for the J24. I would like to cut mine down a bit so the Genoa flows over easily.


Chris Edwards
Stanchion height isn't explicitly regulated, but is indirectly controlled based on the lifeline height requirement, which is not less than 500mm above the sheerline measured at any point on the lifeline.

The measurement is typically taken by hooking a tape measure over the lifeline at the midpoint between the two stanchions, or just forward or aft of the shortest stanchion, where moderate pressure is applied (because your lifelines are 'taught'), and the read number cannot be less than 500mm.

Typical racing setup has a taller stanchion in the aft position, because your trimmer and middle crew like it better, and the height doesn't affect the genoa skirting. The front stanchion is then cut down shorter to bring the lifeline down close to the minimum required lifeline height required by the class rules, to get it as much out of the genoa's way as possible.