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spyware from this forum?


I keep having issues on this forum, everytime i try and use the back button, I have to click it multiple times and then after that if I run spybot it finds two data miner programs doubleclick, and fastclick, and sometimes even one other. I am running IE9, and I have run microsoft security essentials, megabytes anti-malware and spybot.
anyone else having issues?


Staff member
We are not running any spybots off the site, however we do host a google advertisement at the bottom of the page. Doubleclick is the name of the company they bought out and still use their infrastructure to serve ads. These companies set cookies (if you allow them) to track your activities through the web. I suggest you disable third party cookies in your browser to block these sites from tracking you. You will still see the ads, but they won't be based on your browsing habits.

Can you expand on the technical problems you are facing? Maybe we can find the issue.