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Sprinter brakes


I'm thinking of buying a Sprinter Cargo van, but someone told me that there could be a problem with the brakes. I did an online search, but didn't come up with much. Does anyone know anything about this? The vehicle I'm looking at has 4 wheel anti-lock disk brakes.



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I asked Eric...using the computer next to me, what he thinks. he is pretty impressed with the vehicle. Samallish but make up for it with height.

Fuel effecient deisel version?

We heard nothing about the brakes.

Call a brakes place and ask questions. Or better yet...grab a six pack. take it to a brake shop, ask who has worked on your vehicle, hand that six pack to a friendly looking mechanic and pick his brain for a few minutes. If the six pack concept bothers you, hand him a $20. The information is important and he probably can be quite useful