Spreader boots

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Where can I buy rubber spreader boots for my 14.2? Over the years I have used leather from time to time but the leather tends to get dried out and hard too quickly. I guess I could use rigging tape but I would like to get a more finished look. Looks like the foresail is put in danger if the ends of the spreaders are not covered.

What is typically used on the 14.2 to solve this issue or is it even really an issue... THANKS for your input.
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I was going to go with leather boots but am reconsidering now because of your comments. Did you get the rubber boots and which ones?
Yes, I found the boots at West Marine for (I believe) around $28 which is far too much but what the heck... I found them on line for $8 each but they were out of stock and didn't provide a date as to when they would be available. I had trouble remembering (actually, everything!) the nomenclature for some reason. Once I searched for "spreader boots" - problem solved. West carries three sizes of boots - large, medium and small. The small boots accommodate up to 1/8" shrouds. The boots were the last thing on my list - with them installed I headed for the water.

First time out wind was 14 knots according to my weather station. I took it out single handed and it was really a hand full. I would not recommend newbies or anyone exercising common sense try this at home. Start with a calmer day and find a crew person to share the work load. In just over an hour on the water I was pooped and ready for a cool one...