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..its called the ISAF Advertising code...
See the ISAF webiste- www.sailing.org to view them.
Unless the NoR or SIs state otherwise, the ILCA rules state that the laser is a Category C boat.
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I was actually wondering if there was anything more specific to the Laser Class, ie. size, printed on the sail vs. a decal, location on the sail...
again, check the RRS. I know that any advertising cannot impair the visibility of:
1) Sail Numbers
2) National Letters
3) Class Insignia
Check RRS for other requirements.
As for decal/printed:
Printed will present a bit less wind resistance but cannot be taken off if you change sponsors etc. Big stick ons can start to effect sail properties and so it wont stretch like a normal sail so therefore could be seen as banned under ILCA fundamental rules?