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Hi All,
i heard of these new speed tillers they are shaped to go clean over the clam cleat holding the traveler and is made of carbon fibre and suposed to be super strong.

So do they exist? if they do are they worth purchasing.

Crazy Sailor


That describes every carbon tiller out there..
WINDESIGN (now sold thru Vanguard)

and others

Hard to answer "are they worth purchasing" That's a personal opinion type of answer, everyone will be different on why they need it or don't need it.
it's odd, even my original 1970's wooden tiller passes cleanly over the cleat... but I've heard of several people mentioning this issue... maybe it's actually a rudderhead problem?

I bought the aluminum windesign tiller last month, and love it... I personally cant justify the carbon fiber tiller... of course I've never used one, but it seems that the weight difference cant be more than 10-12 ounces, which is roughly equivalent to a can of your favortie soda, or the difference between wet sailing clothes and dry sailing clothes.

crazysailor, IMO the aluminum tiller is just fine, clears the deck and the cleat with no problems.and costs about 80-100 less than the carbon variety.
If you're hitting the cleat, then you need to check out the head. Make a wooden wedge and stick it in under the tiller.

I think part of the carbon tiller thing is the testosterone factor.
"I got a new sail, look at this!" Oh ya, well look at my killer carbon tiller! bla!

There's absolutely no need at all for that much strength unless you aren't using the boat the right way.


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the point of a carbon tiller is so that it can have a lower profile because of the strenght of it. because it is lower you are able to have a tighter travler and have the block still be able to go across. by having it tighter your pointing is increased by letting the block further out to the side. for some it mite be a testosterone thing but for alot of people its getting the most you can out of the boat.
I haven't got a carbon tiller but will as soon as I can afford one. I think it's a really nice upgrade for two reasons:

1. A tighter more open leach = better pointing ability
2. Increased sensitivity / feel as a result of less friction

There is not many things you can do on a Laser that achieve both those things at once.