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Spectating the Sunfish Worlds?

Gator Bait

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With the Sunfish Worlds coming up this October in Sarasota, I was wondering if there’s any facilities to watch the championship in person? I’m assuming that you can watch the event on shore from the Sarasota Sailing center, but I’d like to know if there are any other spots to see the event.


The course will be a few miles offshore making it a pretty difficult watch from shore. There is a public park right next to the hosting club but again because of the distance from shore I doubt there will be much to see.

beldar boathead

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And I have heard ability to get on club property will be limited due to Covid, so I would guess there will be no spectator boats for the general public. Your best bet might be to sail out to the course.


Upside down?
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As beldar already wrote, the best would be to go out on your own boat (canoe, kayak or what ever) and watch from as close to the course as the RC will let you.


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i've relayed the question to the Organizing Team.
Cindy: Wavedancers advice is the best advice, there is no great spot, we are too far away. There will be lots of activity before and after the racing and everyone is welcome to come to the club to see the goings on...

Lee: If I wanted to watch from shore, I would go to Dry Dock restaurant on Longboat Key with binoculars. The weather mark will probably be relatively close to that shore. They have good drinks and love their “gator bites.”

// Gerard (sunfishworlds.org)