Spars for SALE

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I need two booms for a standard Laser. Please get back to me with prices. Thanks.

Sold Seperately
(all used spars)

Bottom Sections
3 Full rig (european)bottom sections
9 radial bottom sections (2 american bottoms)(1 australian bottom)(6 european bottoms)
8 booms (3 european booms) (5 american booms)
Top Sections
1 American topsection
2 European topsection (end for end, which means turned)
2 American topsection (end for end)
I'm looking for standard spars and sails. The only difference I know of between the euro and american spars (other than the boom stiffness which you mentioned) is the color--are there others? Are the euro spars class legal here? I like the black better, which is why I'm asking!

How much would a full euro setup (assuming class legal here--american setup if not) be--top section, bottom section, boom, and sail? Do you think shipping to CT would be reasonable?

You can respond to me here or my email:

Do you know of anyone in the clearwater area who is selling a whole laser sailboat package. I am not looking for a brand new boat, just something to go in the water and sail and possibly participate in racing once in a while.
is there a measurement difference between american and european bottom sections we are looking for full rig bottom section and sail .How old are the parts and how much$$$
Not open for further replies.