Spars for SALE

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Sold Seperately
(all used spars)

Bottom Sections
3 Full rig (european)bottom sections
9 radial bottom sections (2 american bottoms)(1 australian bottom)(6 european bottoms)
8 booms (3 european booms) (5 american booms)
Top Sections
1 American topsection
2 European topsection (end for end, which means turned)
2 American topsection (end for end)
You have booms, difference between european and american is .....?
also tillers w/extentions, how long are extentions? and sails listed quality and sail numbers? thanks,
Dan McCormick
need a full set, mast upper+lower and boom for older resto non-race boat. might consider full radial set up with sail too. Please call me 817 247 2421
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only difference and not that signficant is Euro boom alittle stiffer....tiller and extensions factory stock....sails good for trainer....range from $40-$80....sail #'s are 17 to relatively new
Interested in a trainer sail for a full rig. Please let me know if you have any available, their condition and the price.
You can email me or call at 305-467-3680.

Thank you,
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