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I am building a sailing canoe. (I know) I have a regular Laser sail that I would like to use as the main. I also have access to some 6061-T6 Aluminum tubes. What I don't have are the dimensions of the mast and boom of the Laser. I need the OD (outside diameter) and ID (inside diameter) of both. I also understand that the mast is a two piece application, so I need those dimensions as well. I could also use the approximate height of the boom off a Laser deck.
Is there a link that would be helpful for me, or does some old salt out there have the answers.
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Thanks Merrily,

The rule book has supplied the lengths, Thank you. However, unless I am missing it I don't see anything about the diameters. I assume that the upper part of the mast slides down into the bottom end, therefore has a smaller diameter that the bottom section. I need their diameters OD and ID in order to size them properly. You would think that this information was easily found. I can't find it anywhere.


Alan Glos

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I don't know a great deal about sailing canoes, but a Laser rig seems like an awfully big sail for the average sailing canoe. Also the spars are rather heavy and would require a very strong, heavy duty mast step like the kind found on a conventional Laser hull. Have you considered a smaller sail and something more akin to a lightweight fiberglass windsurfer mast?

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You're right. The Laser is a big rig. It's going to net out at about 65 sq ft. There are a number of canoes out there carrying 75 sq. ft. I would image that there won't be a lot of close hauling with this thing. I am also planning an outrigger and some very deep and wide lea-boards. Do you have any idea what the dimensions are for the tubes on a Laser?

Dave Lowa