South America... we are in troubles

In the back of Dick Tillman's, Complete Book of Laser Sailing, there are a number of interviews. One of them explains the obscene amount of ticks, checks and hoops you have to jump through and in which order, to get the ILCA to think about your request/idea. I posted it here once before, a year or so ago, but can't find the posting now. But to cut a long story short, by the time the ILCA World Council meets, their agenda has already been fixed several steps and several months beforehand. You cant ask the world council to tell you why there is no builder in SA and unless things change dramatically and beyond the speed of the process they;ve constructed, you or anybody else never will.

It's the strange catch 22 of the whole situation. You're told to go through the motions, when all along it's known there is no way yo ucan go through the motions.

"You can see the colonel, but only when he's not there. When he is there, he's not available to be seen. But that doesn't mean he can't be seen, he can, when he's out."

So the choice becomes this:
The ILCA will send you to the USA, where you can visit any boat builder you like at any time, as long as you stay in the USA. You cannot take any boats home with you or buy on behalf and you must tell everyone you meet how great the ILCA is.

The solution is clear: escape from the hospital window and paddle across the ocean while the rest of the base is on parade.


From 3# World

How can I think that no one authority says anything about this, no e-mail to the Regional President of South America.......nothing of nothing..........?

Surely this topic is not important. seems that South America is not important for I.L.C.A.

....I have told you it in my first post two month ago....Do you remember ?

If Laser will be not an Olimpic Class in the future, nobody cares..........

Some guys may say:

"Much better !!!!!
We'll sail a modern class !!!!
.......Like C-II !!!!"

....and nothing will change................

I'll do like the song says:
"...........Don't worry, be happy........."

Dr Loser :)