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Some unusual power craft... and a couple of cruisers.

Cactus Cowboy

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Perusing C/L ads on my birthday, I saw these craft for sale...

1966 Unlimited Marine Flatbottom - boats - by owner - marine sale

I'm thinking this boat would be ideal for high-speed beer runs to the fuel dock once you're outta beer aboard your larger sailboat. Here's another rarity:

Hoverwing - boats - by owner - marine sale

That's some James Bond 007 craft there, and no license required, LOL. Wonder how fast it goes...

Ya know, I've kinda been stalled out after losing that gubmint job for all the wrong reasons... been thinking about chucking it all, buying a boat and going for a long cruise. Probably won't because of my cats, but sometimes I think about it. When cruising, you have to strike a balance between comfort & performance, a compromise if you will, and these two boats would do nicely for cruising clear to Tahiti and Australia...

32' Gulf Pilothouse Cutter Full Keel Blue Water Cruiser - boats - by...

Nice and beamy, plenty of room on deck and below, wouldn't be a bad liveaboard for awhile... I also saw this Lancer 40, not a bad deal at the (negotiable) price:

1982 Lancer 40’ very well maintained re-fitted in 2008 with new...

I wonder if Tahiti or Australia would accept me as a "political refugee" from the United States? LOL... I need to hook up with some rich gal who can buy our way into either place, or maybe some gal who wants to bag U.S. citizenship ( I won't warn her of the pitfalls, she'll be on her own as soon as I clear the immigration hurdles). Meh, the cruising will probably never happen, but I'm sorely tempted, I'll tell ya that much... sail away from this country where the quality of life has gone downhill so fast. Join a tribe on some South Seas island and use the boat to go fishing... marry the tribal chieftain's daughter (ugly as sin, weight 240 lbs.) just to get a toehold on citizenship. Might as well dream big... make the chieftain's daughter beautiful, LOL. :cool:

Cactus Cowboy

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Hmm, weird birthday occurrence, I received an email message and I now have an appointment for a job interview tomorrow morning... which I'll attend, as any job is better than NO job in this crazy modern world. I'm no fortune-teller, so I won't predict the outcome of this scheduled interview, but I'm still free & clear on my home, so THAT is a big factor, yeah? I'm sure I could find a trucking job in Tucson pronto with my license, but the one-hour commute each way just to get there totally kills the whole idea... same goes for Sierra Vista, even though it's a bit closer and I'd only waste 1-1/2 hours per day by commuting. Meh, I'd sooner make a little less and work five traffic-free minutes from my home, ya know? Sometimes less is more... :rolleyes:

Time for a good dinner on this 58th birthday of mine, hard to believe I even made it this far after all the crazy things I've done, LOL... :eek: