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Some picts of the 2006 Hull


I was out with some heat and a scraper.
There was a large lump of resin up in the curved area I really wanted to get out. I also got a bunch off to make sanding a bit easier.

I found out the white epoxy (my guess) that holds the top to the bottom get soft with a bit of heat. It was real easy to clear out the bit of epoxy that were keeping the deck from fitting down to the hull. Now I can get the edges to line up.

I cut away the resin and bad edges of fiberglass on the top hole. Now I can get my hand it so I should be able to do a good job laying up glass on the backside. I am thinking 2 layers of mat and one woven with the mat to the inside surface of the hull.

To make the curve area on the hull I am going to turn it upside down and lay in some plastic wrap and fill a good section of the curve bondo. Then I can use it to form the new lip.

I need to do some thinking on how I will form the deck. I may use a formed piece of aluminum flashing to let me slide something up behind then work from the top.

I have a lot to learn.
So the img_2155 shows how the factory used a wide woven glass for the last layer on the deck then around the edge where the epoxy is blobed in they put a normal weave or a narrow weave. Ya, I am not sure the terminology here. I am just trying to figure how it was built. A habit of mine.

So what I can figure about the construction of the deck starts with laying down the white gel coat with a mask in the center. Mine has a blue wide stripe running the length of the hull. Then they lay down the blue across the whole deck. You can see the nicks in the white gel coat where there is blue under them. You can also see mat was the layer put on next on the gel coat. Several layers later they put down that wide strand cloth. It also looks dry, like it was not wetted out a lot.

You can also see the backside of the hull damage.

Then I took a couple of pictures shoving my phone inside and taking a picture rear ward and then forward.

I know I can do a good structural repair. I hope I can make it look clean when I am done. That is level gel coat that probably is not the correct white. I am hoping the fix will not stand out. We shall see.

I am hoping this week end to do some practice on the one hull. I need to do a blind patch on the chine.

Saturday is work day at the Yacht club. I plan on bringing home the other sunfish or the Opti. I will have a boat yard for the winter.