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SOLD!! Restored 1968 Sunfish for Sale


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Sunfish Sailboat 1968 Restoration w/Upgrades, some Original parts, & NEW Trailer. This was a custom restoration with NEW modern design mahogany rudder, assembly, & mahogany centerboard. Original mahogany rudder, assembly, & fittings are included for you to restore or sell. NEW top and bottom primer and paint, NEW bailer, NEW bridle, NEW riveted aluminum trim, cockpit trim, bow bumpers, NEW sail & rigging, NEW Ironton trailer (light enough to be used as a dolly), trailer light kit, high-speed tires, three inspection ports installed, stainless steel screws, NEW ratchet block, NEW adjustable gooseneck clamp. This boat was built by Alcort in 1968 with thick fiberglass, mahogany backing blocks, significant foam reinforcement, and is thus a few pounds heavier than a class racing Sunfish of today. If you sailed a classic Sunfish back in the day, or just want a classic-looking recreational Sunfish, this is for you. With an experienced, lighter-weight skipper at the helm, you have a good chance to win races! Leftover paint & thinner are yours for repairs! Includes NEW low-speed tires & rims!