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Sold at Asking Price 2015 Laser XD sailed 4 times - comes with choice of Full or Radial, dolly, Kitty Hawk trailer, covers and blade bag


2015 all-white UK built Laser in great racing shape for sale.

For a savings of over $3,600 vs out of a dealer stock, you get:
- 2015 Laser Performance hull, with your choice of Full and Radial spars and rigging
with Laser XD package of gear
- GRP Blades - with no scratches.
- Full rig setup. Your choice of a lightly used Mark II radial cut on the Full rig or a lightly used 3.8 oz cloth sail.
- Radial setup has more wear, but is servicable for club-level racing
- Top and bottom covers, new blade bag
- Seitech dolly
- Carbon Fiber tiller and extension
- Spars are nearly perfect condition

The Boat was owned by a non-sailor who sailed it once and put it away. It has been sailed three times in light air regattas this Summer and has performed very well.

Per the pictures, there is one thumbnail-sized ding in the deck at the stbd bow. The hull is in overall excellent condition, with no cracks or flaws. There are a 2-3 light scratches n the hull that I can not get to show in pictures and you would have trouble finding them in person unless I point them out to you.

All of the above for $6,000 or feel free to make offers.

Includes a galvanized Nautical America Kitty Hawk Laser trailer with title, working lights and greased bearings/hubs with Buddy Bearing grease fittings.

This package would be over $9,600 new, as below:
$6,265.00 Laser XD

$700.00 Freight

$495.00 Dolly - This pricing is from Dynamic Dolly, as Seitech does not seem to be shipping now.

$409.00 Covers - This is Intensity Sails pricing on their Top, $189, and Bottom, $220, Top Gun Covers

$70.00 Blade Bag $70.00 - Also Intensity Sails

$1,250.00 Kitty Hawk Trailer - if you could find one, $1,150, plus freight of $100

$9,189.00 Sub-Total

$419.45 Tax at 5% - no tax on freight

$9,608.45 Total

Post here or Private message me if you are interested. Portable communication device is 74ate zeeero1seven4, where the code for the area is 54(1 less than 1). Thanks for looking. Mike
1 Port Bow 2015 OBX Laser.jpg2 Stbd Bow 2015 OBX Laser.jpg3 Stbd beam 2015 OBX Laser.jpg4 Stbd Qtr 2015 OBX Laser.jpg6 Stern 2015 OBX Laser.jpg6a Port Qtr 2015 OBX Laser.jpg7 Port Beam 2015 OBX Laser.jpg7a Port Bow 2015 OBX Laser.jpg7b Hull 2015 OBX Laser.jpg8 Port Bow with cover 2015 OBX Laser.jpg8a Port Bow no cover 2015 OBX Laser.jpg9 ding 2015 OBX Laser.jpg