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SOLD at ASKING PRICE 1997 Laser Full/Radial Rig Sailboat w dolly & cover Trailer available

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1997 Full-rig Laser sailboat in excellent, race-ready condition, including all of the following gear:
Pro-rig vang, cunningham and outhaul are all present
Full-rig setup, with a class legal sail for each boat
Blades - rudder and daggerboard - are in good condition with usual dings, nothing major.
Blade bags
Aluminum racing tiller

Also available:
Trailex or Right-on trailer with title, greased buddy bearings and working lights. Both have 1-7/8in hitches and four-way flat electrical connection. $500 extra for either one.

Can also come set up as a full rig or as radial rig - at the same cost. If you want both radial and full rig, add $300.

Can also sell this rig with a trailer with three deck Seitech rack for an additional $1,000.

Cash much preferred.

You can reach me by email at the above link and I will get right back to you or via phone at 748-0174, where the code for the area is 54(1 less than 1).


we'd be interested in the boat (both standard and radial rigs) but would like to know a little more about its history. Lots of racing? How old are the sails? Major damages? anything that had to be overhauled?

Let us know, thx
Mike P
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