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SOLD 79 Laser standard rig. In great shape. Bone dry hull. Can deliver.

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This boat has been in the family for years and is in great shape! Color is bright, gelcoat is shiny, decks are clean, blades and lines are in really good condition. Sail is crisp and still shows the factory fold lines. NO LEAKS! This is a bone dry hull. There are no soft spots or spider webbing.

This boat was purchased as a race boat and treated as such - never stored on the ground, always supported and transported only by the gunwales, hung deck down in dry storage when not in season, sand and grit kept out of the mast step. Wear spots are minimal, and shown in the pictures.

Comes with a a padded bag for blades, sails and lines, original tiller and extension, additional aluminum tiller with longer extension.

Kitty Hawk Laser specific trailer available for the right price (supports the boat by the gunwales only).

Can deliver within a 1 hr drive of Traverse City.


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