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Some race organisers take an increasingly soft approach in running Laser events. I just had such an experience at our last State Championship with six races planned over a long weekend. Not only was the start time set at 1400 during the peak UV exposure but also at a time when traditionally no wind is found in our bay. This was done to increase "participation" because the parents of junior sailors are apparently unwilling to drive their offspring to an early start or have them sail into the late afternoon when there is plenty of wind. If this is the future I will depart Laser sailing after 42 years in the class.
Well hopefully you don't depart soon , but I got to say I lean a little towards more participation (the sport needs more of our offspring to continue) if not it will decline and just have a few old sacks.
I do believe there has to be a compromise between what's practical and what can be done to increase participation(sailing with poor wind is bad!!!!)
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True, the youngsters are the future of our sport. But they need and deserve "real sport", not some watered down version so their folks can go wine tasting. Funny, there is a famous and very demanding mountain bike race over four days in our area every year. Start at 7 in the morning, then recovery, bike clean and service late afternoon and off you go the next day. Its sold out mid-year, 1500 riders and many youngsters who are supported by their parents, elite athletes plus the usual bunch of oldies. Why can't we adopt a few of the cyclists lessons and open up our sport a bit: Day licence(no need to be a club member), different race formats, beginners fleet etc.
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