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Soft Bottom


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My 14.2 is a late 80's model and in fair shape. I am not the first owner and even when I got it about 4 years ago the bottom was a bit soft in the rear starboard side. This year it is noticeably worse and the bottom even sits on the trailer crooked as the soft spot deflect upward where it sits on the trailer guide rails.

I assume the structure inside has deteriorated. Has anyone experienced this problem? Can it be repaired or does this mean the hull is a goner?


Sailing on Shelter Bay
Interesting question. It would take some major work removing the "floor" just to get to the bottom if you wanted to reinforce it from the inside. On the Lidos they used to say that trailer bunks that ran across wise (athawart) were better because they didn't cause that problem. I don't think there is much "structure" inside other than the fiberglass. Hope someone else has more answers than I do. I think many boats may have that problem and people just keep sailing them. However, if it really got worse this year that seems like a bad trend.