"so that's how that happens"

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This isn't laser related at all, but during the fj practice today, i went to hike and there was no strap there... i fell off. now i know how that happens... :p it was hilarious
I've had that happen more than once...
I think my most memorable one would be doing a backflip and landing in the water somehow still holding the mainsheet & tiller and still sailing the boat to windward, only now with me outside it instead of in it.
ive done that many a time, and, of course, its always during a race. my best blooper was losing my rudder @ the leeward mark rounding. those things sink so fast... I dove off the back but didn't get it. (it wasn't my boat either)
haha, I've done that before. Had a deathgrip on the mainsheet trying to drag myself back into the boat.

it's bad when the strap didn't break or anything, you just miss it.... :(
Haha, that reminds me of when i was at the toronto boat show last year and i was in one of those sail simulator things made from a byt hull and hydralics, i missed the strap and fell on conrete....oww, but it was funny
haha yeah, i once went out and before i went out i saw that it looked like it was going to break and it was a heavy wind day and i had just met david dellenbaugh and his daughter emily and rebecca who were training at my club and went out and went to hike and it snapped but i put a peice of line tied at each end just as a safety precausion and it saved me from falling, the real trick was sailing it back in.
lol, that 'missing the strap' thing happens so often when its windy and u try to get out ASAP during a tack. I did it once and tacked and missed the strap and the boat was about to capsize and then i fell out bith my back hitting the centreboard... sux!!
Happend to me many times. Most resent was at a regatta in Atlantic city. I was rounding the leuard mark, in first of about 10 boats. ( the nuber 1 opti sailior in like..the us was there), and as i was rounding,I sheeted in, and went for the strap. I missed, so i thought that if i fell back, i would land on the board. Not correct. i ended up getting 4 i think.