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So me and my dad went and bought our first boat! - Hurley 20

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Nice boat, I like the twin keels, but you really need to read up on basic sailing, no shortage of books in the library or material on the Interwebs. If you go out again without really knowing what you're doing, you can get in a lot of trouble... damaging other folks' boats (which will NOT make you popular), damaging your own boat (which is too nice to thrash), or even worse, colliding with another vessel under way and not only sustaining damage, but possibly injuring or killing someone, including yourself. No lie, this can actually happen... you should also make sure your safety gear is up to speed, PFDs, whistle, signal flares, etc., and a radio check is always good prior to embarking on your voyage. BTW, those small electric trolling motors aren't much use unless they're fully charged, and even then they're kinda cheesy and unreliable, so you might wanna think about eventually buying some small kicker motor or outboard, I'd say 5 to 15hp, and install the proper motor mount on the transom so the engine is ready (in a hurry, if necessary). :confused:

Just a few pointers, your top priority is to read up on basic sailing, paying particular attention to points of sail, maneuvering sequences & diagrams, relative bearing of other boats, and most importantly for safety's sake, the "Rules of the Road." Despite all the mishaps and overlooked things, your video was very entertaining... but you'll really have to be careful and watch that shoal water, rocks & shoals can be unforgiving to the novice, and seriously damage your boat as well. Having said all this, I want you to know that sailing with your dad is an excellent way of bonding, and it's on YOU to learn how to sail better so you can take some of the load & stress off your pop. He should be sitting in the cockpit, enjoying a beer as you handle your business and keep the boat moving well on the water. You can do this, hand, I have complete faith in you... this boat is too nice for you to let her get thrashed or damaged, once you learn how to sail more proficiently you are gonna have some of the best times of your life aboard her, including overnight voyages to exotic locales, LOL. :rolleyes:

So, do us all a favor, including yourself & your pop, and learn to handle that boat properly, if only to stay out of trouble, because trouble can come your way in a big ol' hurry at sea, or even on a crowded lake, aye? Take it from a lifelong small craft sailor, do things the right way and you're gonna have a blast aboard that boat... I've partied aboard boats all my life, with friends and by myself, and there's nothing better than sailing to ease your mind and forget your everyday worries (if you have any). Two simple rules for starters: look good and have fun, and looking good on the water starts with knowing what the hell you're doing, LOL. So puh-leez read up on basic sailing, or search the web for instructional videos... you're obviously smart enough to handle the boat, you just need the right sail training. As you said in your video, if those dumbasses could do it several thousand years ago, no reason why you can't... meh, those ancient mariners were actually pretty hip, and excellent sailors to boot. Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Vikings (a bit later), and don't forget those Pacific Islanders. ;)

Alright, enough said, you and your dad have a very nice little boat there, and you can have some REALLY GOOD TIMES aboard her, once you figure out how to handle her properly, aye? Boats are chick magnets too, don't forget that, but you won't impress your hot date by colliding with another boat or running hard aground, LOL. You want to exhibit mastery of your craft, and that starts with learning the rudiments of basic sailing. You can do it, and it won't cost you to start by reading books from the library, or material on the web. A course of instruction wouldn't hurt either, but you may not have the time or money for that, so at least study some material on basic sailing, and pay attention to those diagrams, one can learn heaps from simple diagrams. Meh, I'm done beating this dead horse, hopefully you get with the program and your nautical adventures improve... because that boat is a primo little craft which can handle all KINDS of nautical action & adventure! Trust me on this one, you just don't realize how lucky you are at this point in your life. But you will, once your skills improve... :D


P.S. With that kind of fixed-keel boat, an "extended trailer tongue" can make launching & retrieving your boat a bit easier, but the flip-side of that equation is that towing characteristics change on land (with a longer overall wheelbase). Try to straighten out the vehicle & trailer, then back straight down the ramp... and watch out so your trailer doesn't get "high-centered" and stuck on ramps driveways, railroad tracks, or other unexpected obstacles. :(
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