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So I seem to have a problem.....


I have too many Sunfish's

I bought another sunfish today. Noticed one next to a house a few weeks ago on a bike ride. Today I just happened by on my bike as they were pulling in the driveway and asked.
$400 for a 1989 with a dolly and more surprisingly a title. The sail has a couple of tears at the foot. The lower boom is bent and the mast has a slight bend. The bow and a spot on the keel needs a bit of glass/ gel coat work. the put some silicon caulk in on the water break and around the drains. Needs a good cleaning.
Figure I need the dolly cause I really like the 2004 I need to fix and its crisp sail.

Not sure what will happen with it. I think in the end I will keep it some family or friends can use it. I might also let the yacht club use it for the youth program as they need more sunfish.

In the end I figure I can sell it for what I have in it and keep the dolly. Anyway no rush.

I got a copy of the The fiberglass boat repair manual today so I have some reading to do.


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I think I need to live near you!

Am still trying to work out if I got a good deal on my '82. It has many existing patches and the gelcoat seems very brittle. But repairs seem to be an accepted ritual, here in the Sunfish ownership tribe.
Happy glassing, and post photos of before/afters if you have time.


I may not quite stop at 4....

The little yacht club I belong to would like to add a few Sunfish sailboats to their program and to have available to club members.
I may try to fix the 1980 hull as there is an early Sunfish with a bronze rudder. No one knows whos it is or why it is there. We could use the mast and such for the 1980 I could give them that hull after I fix it some. I will need to also find some aluminum trim as I have a section missing.

A block away from me is Sunfish leaning against a fence. The guy got rid of his Oday 22 because his back bothered him too much to sail it. He wants to keep the sunfish thinking he might take it out sometime. So who knows he might come knocking on my door.

So far 2 of the Sunfish were ones that just popped up in facebook marketplace. They were in my recommended list and both were posted within 10 minutes of my checking. Just dumb luck.


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I bought a section of aluminum trim from member Alan S. Glos, whose menu of parts can be located in the "Sunfish for Sale" forum. Specify the finish as matte or shiny.

You'll want to fix this immediately, as the trim is quite rigid, and any unsecured section can become a spear to your shin or calf! :(