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Sneads Ferry North Carolina waters


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Hello all,
new to this forum and my parents have just moved to sneads ferry north carolina to be near my sister. I am one of 8 siblings and all of us love to sail. My dad left his beat up 26 pearson in Cape May New Jersey for now. We are trying to sell it or move it down to Sneads Ferry but i have no idea about those waters. Are they deep enough to handle a sailboat and is there any room for sailing inside with 5 or 6 little ones on the boat or do we have to go outside? Thanks a ton for any info! Oh I forgot to mention there are 24 grandkids.

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Plenty of sailing off nearby Topsail Beach... as for Sneads Ferry, buy a chart of that area, you should have one anyway to familiarize yourself with the shoals and other hazards. Ask local sailors about prevailing winds, tidal action, etc., those will certainly be factors on any voyage. If the Pearson is truly a nautical beater, you're better off unloading it for safety reasons and buying a boat more suitable for the Sneads Ferry area: with one glance at my trucker's atlas, I'd say a Capri 22 with wing keel, something better suited to shoal water. Swing keel & centerboard are two other options, plenty of secondhand boats available with either option in place. You could stick to channels with a fixed keel, but that would limit your range... I'd buy a boat to suit the area, same way I'll buy a boat to suit this area where I live, these Twin Harbors in Coastal Washington have heaps of tidal flats & shoal water, not so hot for boats with fixed keels, aye? Don't forget PFDs for the kids, and close supervision for the really young ones... :confused:

Back to my football game, it's beer for breakfast this morning, LOL... CHEERS!!! :rolleyes: