Snap shackle of front shroud?

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Because they are quick and easy to use, I'd like to use a snap shackle on my front shroud, especially as I put the mast up solo. But I don't see anyone using snap shackles on shrouds and wondered why not. They have a high break point. Has anyone had any experience with this?
The hardware used on the standing rigging is adjustable allowing you to adjust the rake on the mast. If you replace any one of the devices with fixed length hardware you will be stuck with a one position non - adjustable mast. If you are not a serious sailor/racer I guess it really doesn't mater. I suspect your suggest change could possibly be a class violation. :(

If you are just a fun loving casual sailor busting small waves occasionally then I say go for it and have fun!:p
If you are really worried about loosing control of the mast while raising it single-hand you can use the foresail halyard as a safety line. Attach the halyard to the front of the boat where the sail normally attaches and then rig a ratchet pulley to a cleat on the base of the mast. As you raise the mast with one hand, use your other hand to keep tension on the halyard which will prevent the mast from falling toward the stern. unfortunately, you will receive very little help from the side stays until the mast is about two thirds of the way up. Once the mast is up and tied off using the halyard you can safely and easily attach the fore-stay while taking your time - the mast isn't going anywhere.

Now with that said I must say that none of this is actually necessary. The mast is easy to raise "safely" single-handed all you need to do is make sure you pay attention. Yep, if there is a second person around by all means attach them to the fore-stay and let them help by holding forward tension and then making the attachment to the boat.

Finally, make sure there are in unnecessary obstacles in the cockpit when raising or lowering the mast and make an effort to keep the mast centered with the center line of the boat. If I can do it anyone can! Good luck...