Smock vs. Dry Top vs. Hot Top

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Getting ready for cool/cold weather. I have read the threads on tops but I can't
distinquish between which one to use- necessarily- over another one and why ?

I'm on the Gulf Coast (Florida, USA) so it doesn't get to terribly cold in winter.
I am planning on a wetsuit (still thinking about the the type/style), and a top.
When I was younger, I would go surfing in winter with just a wetsuit- nothing
else- no head gear, no booties, etc. but I'm older now and want to be a little
more comfortable.

IMHO, there is not a lot of difference between a good smock/pullover and a dry top when used in a Laser these days.. Throw on a layer or two of wicking thermal and you've got a hot top..

I've got a Rooster Aquafleece, Ronstan pullover, .5mm ti. lined wet top. The Ronstan is on the lower end of the waterproof scale, but I've been plenty comfortable with it on windy days and a couple of layers of thermals under it down to 50-55 degrees. The Aquafleece is a little warmer, but also on the low end of the waterproof scale. My wet top is tight so I can only get a single layer of lt thermal under it, so it's good to abouut 55-60 degrees, if it gets colder, I throw on either the Ronstan or the Aquafleece.

I personally like layering as opposed to one piece that is great when it's chilly, but too warm when the temp rises..


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I'm a big fan of layers but have never used anything fabric. I have always used a wetsuit with a pullover, both in TX and NC.

Here's what I like about pullovers. There are many days in the spring when it is warm and windy, but the water is still cool. Those are the days you want to go sailing. Wearing a pullover alone will keep you from getting chilly from water spraying on you, but you won't bake in the sun.
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I'm still confused. On Gill's site, the spray/dry tops and smocks BOTH look like they're "pull overs". I need to know
the critical distinction/semantics here- if there is one- for why I might prefer a spray/dry top over a smock BEFORE
I click on the "Purchase Now" button on Gill's website. Also, looks like you can layer with both of them but the smocks
(on Gill's site) look a little looser and you may be able to layer better= warmer?

Ronstan is a wet top (wet, spray, & dry top all being the same thing)

1) purpose for & how to use- spray/dry top
2) purpose for & how to use- smock

Or.... are the purposes, useage the same and I can layer warmly under both for 55 degree Faren ??

I apologize in advance for being so hard headed.
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Sorry, I get it now (49208 said it perfectly). I guess I was either in a very anal or very tired mood when I origianally posted.