Smart way to rack lasers

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Hi there.
Our club has about 40 lasers. They are stored on their own trollies. It’s not very efficient.
We have standard racks but they are not popular as lots of bodies required to lift them etc.
Thought some club out there must have a smart solution where the boats are stored efficiently and still easy to use.

Would love to see any pics of working solutions out there.

Thank you.


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I would say give priority to those who sail the most. I've been at clubs where boats sit on dollies in prime spots for months on end (if not longer) while active sailors have move their boat all around the yard to get it to the water.

For me, storing on a rack is a no-go as I need the ability to use the boat completely as a single-hand operation if needed.


Former ISAF Laser Measurer
Ground level boats on their trolleys, other levels sitting on their bottoms with the trolleys stored up high. Priority on which level you are on is based on how active you are or whether you are on the class/club committee (benefit of taking on an official roll). It's easy enough to get the second level boats in and out of the racks and onto the trolleys by yourself.

I have seen on an individual boat basis a roller/pulley set up where the pulley system is used the boat 10' and then slid back into the racking system, with a bit thought this could be done with all the boats on higher levels.
At my yacht club we store almost 40 lasers in a very small area, we have the dynamite dolly racks, the bottom level the boats stay on their Dollys and for the next 3 levels the boats store upside down with the dolly on them.