Small used sail wanted (laser, zuma, walker bay, etc, style)

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Hello everyone, our family is a sailing family and we always have at least 2 little boats for the kid and I to use (no racing, just cruising the bay)

Mice got into a couple of our sails and need the following

(1) used sail where sail slides over mast (or zips) - this is for a small dingy and the sail is super lightweight
12' leech/10'3" luff/6'11" foot

(1) used sail - it has the sewn in rope in both foot and luff
18'5" leech/16'4" luff/9'5" foot ***

*** actually on this one the mice ate 12" of the sewn in rope at the clue - can new rope section with cloth just be sewn in? (DIY?)

thanks and good winds to all
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