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Small Oxygen Tanks


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Thats my first post in this Forum, so Hello to everyone!

Just some quick question:
I`ve seen some quite small Oxygen Tank that is unknown to me with Team Luna Rossa. Check YouTube at my mark:
The Americas Cup Website does not list the precise info I am looking for on the teampage Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team

So let me ask you:
Does anyone know what exact model and manufacture they use?
I presume they are 4500PSI/300bar composite tanks , because of their bigger diameter and shorter length - but I am not aware what manufacture offerse these.

The bottles they used befor definitly do look like 0.45L 200bar aluminium bottles to me,
which is why I guess the new size to be less than ~0.2L, which is quite odd and does not ring any bell with me.

Thanks for your help