sliding sideways

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Thanks for all the replies to my last post folks. We were able to take the Capri out for our first sail the other day and it seems very stable to me. I have been sailing small boats for years (el toro, penguin, flying jr. ect) and this boat seems good in that respect. The one thing that concerns me after sailing it is that in light wind the boat seems to go sideways almost as much as it goes forward. This is with with the board all the way down. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone got any suggestions to try to combat this? Thanks in advance.
Jib and main should be eased off a little, get the boat speed going by reaching a little and then bring the boat up to a pointing mode while maintaining boat speed. If you're over trimmed or under trimmed the boat will not go well. In the light stuff it should point just fine if you can keep the boat speed up.Like any sailboat, it will not go up wind as well in light air. I also induce some heel when its light and steer from near the front of the jib cars.
I do sit in forward of the jib cars in the light stuff and to leeward in the really light stuff to try to get the sails to fall into their natural shape.:)