Skipper Johnson - RACE 2 !

Skipper Johnson

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Hello all

Thank you for your kind responses to Race 1. Please find Race 2 report below:

Race 2 and my day of redemption is at hand. My minor incident last week (apparently known around the club as “the sinking boat episode”) would surely be forgotten, once I blast these pretenders off the lake. This time, I gave myself 2 hours to get ready. One hour to rig the boat, and 1 hour to test the waters and the find the shifting breezes.

I rig boat. Step 1 – put in plug. Done. In my head, my voice morphs into the Witch from Wizard of Oz – “Suck on that my pretties!”

Boat rigged, I go and test the waters. Mmm…I read in my secret weapon – “Laser racing to win” - you should look for the favoured end of the line and look for “headers” and “lifters” in the breeze. It all just seems to be wind blowing to me. I’m beginning to not trust Laser racing to win. After all, there was absolutely nothing about your boat going slower if it was sinking.

This week, I make it to the start line in plenty of time. There are boats sailing up and down (no doubt locating headers, lifters and the favoured end of the line). Ah, what would they know, I’m staying right here, ready to execute my cunning starting line plan. Someone on a boat puts up a flag and blows a horn. Damn it. I guess that means something. Later, another flag, another horn. That must be the one minute to go signal. Why are all the boats 30 metres from the line? Suckers! I’m going to blitz!

I didn’t bring a watch (mental note, guessing time not as accurate as watch). Another siren, that must be the start. And I’m away to an absolute flyer!! Yes, my pretties, mock the sinking boat man now. My cunning plan has been executed to perfection. I look back. I’m 30 metres in the clear! I knew I had innate skill! How come, they are still milling around the...beginning to stifle my mocking laugh ….Shite! That must have been the one minute warning!!

I sail back, trying as much as possible for my body language to say “I know, there is one minute to go, I was just testing for headers and lifters.

The real siren goes, we are off! I actually am in the middle of the pack, and enjoying it. I sail around the course generally maintaining position and then its time to head for the finish.

I’m going to make a spectacular finish here and finish mid field. Not a bad result after my cunning starting plan went slightly awry. I cruise up to the line and cross between the blue pole and the boat. I then, get clear of the line and sail around for fun….Voice in head says: “Between the blue pole and tower…blue pole and tower…”. Mind, what are you saying? Between the blue pole AND THE TOWER. The finish line is between the blue pole AND THE TOWER, the start line is between the blue pole and the boat. Oh, so what you’re saying is that I haven’t actually finished the race. Rather, I’ve been aimlessly sailing around in circles. [Swear word deleted]

I head back toward the finish line. All boats have now finished. Apart from one boat manned by two kids who are trying to learn how to sail. I cross the line – between the blue pole and the tower – about 10 seconds in front of the two kids. YES! I have beaten my first competitors! Suck on that my Pretties! Last week DNF, this week second last, somebody stop me!

Rigging Footnote: When it says tie a bowline, do not attempt bowline, give up and say, why should I tie a bowline, surely a simple hitch will suffice. Because otherwise your sail could come undone, and you will have to sail to shore with one hand holding the tiller and one holding the boom.
yeah great story. and one tip is dont rush wind switches. it is more something that you start to realize after a while. its a skill thast comes over time. i just started being able to pick them up.
nice job skipper! a little advice on wind shifts: hold a steady course and as soon as you see your sail begin to luff tack, you are now on a lift.

i guess the reason it took me a while to get the hang of it is i didnt necesarrily trust my helmsmanship and i thought it was just me not paying attention. ^^^^^
Is that a word?